Vie Taekwon-Do Programs

*All Taekwon-Do classes include formal patterns and sparring techniques*

Little Dragons (4 year-olds)

Our little dragons’ class is the perfect thing to get your little ones moving at their own pace. Using a specialized belt system, they will feel rewarded along every step of the way. Working on the basics of Taekwon-do, they’ll learn how to kick, punch, defend, and listen closely to their instructor before joining their older classmates. This class is filled with light work making everything welcoming at a young age, ensuring they enjoy their time with us while simultaneously learning awareness, focus and respect.

Kids (ages 5-11)

Offering both beginner and advanced kids’ classes, look to the schedule for further information.

In our kid’s classes students will begin to understand what it is like to gain confidence, respect, leadership skills, and how to accept and overcome hardships. Students learn how to physically and mentally balance themselves while achieving a healthier life style; educating themselves in self-control and perseverance. What they take away from these classes will not only help them at our club, but at school, social events, and other sports furthering what they will be able to achieve.

Adults (ages 12 and up)

Adult classes are divided into two subclasses (those with and without formal training).

Adult students share similar goals to their younger peers. Beginning with an understanding of confidence, respect, leadership skills, and how to accept and overcome hardships from an alternative viewpoint. Students learn physical and mental stability creating strength, flexibility, balance and all while learning to defend themselves. The skills attained will help in the club, social events, and other physical activity; surpassing what they had once thought to be achievable.

Cardio Kicks Class

We offer both a low and high impact class.

You just want to exercise, build your strength, better your cardio? We provide a Cardio Kicks class for just that. Here you’ll learn proper technique to ensure powerful punches and kicks. This class works the entire body, providing great cardio. Offering a great way to get fit without the pressure of an everyday gym, while being instructed and helped along the way.