Vie Taekwon-Do (Markdale)

Proudly serving Markdale, since 2012.

Why Vie?

Vie is life. Because Taekwondo isn’t solely a practice; it is a lifestyle. The Vie is in me, yourself, and each person around us. It is the natural driving force that allows the experience of each day. Vie is all. VTKD is openness, flow, nurturing and strength. In learning firm, we become soft; and in learning to fight and defend, we learn how not to fight and defend.

We work together to offer this practice to those of age, disability, youth, and ability in a teamwork orientated atmosphere for everyone to achieve their own happiness and success. For other detailed info see our contact listings below. We await your energy.

Taekwon, Ms. Taylor IV Dan & Mr. Pears IV Dan